Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New blog

I have created a new blog. I have decided to make my life a little bit more easier and just link the two together and merge them into one. So all my new postings will be in my new blog.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our plans for the distant future

We have decided to simplify our lives even more and add a little fun and learning to our life. In about 4-6 years, we plan on traveling Europe for a year. We are going to sell everything we own with a few exceptions. The items we do decide to keep will be placed in plastic bins and stored at my MIL house. We are going to start saving now. We plan on visiting as many European countries as we possibly can. When we do decide to return to the US, we are going to get a camper and travel North America. We are going to do odd jobs along the way so we can get some extra cash. And hopefully we can travel the US in this awesome concept car.

Simple Living

Hopefully it can become a reality and not just a dream.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My mini-library

Since that rather large TV is gone and all the electronics have been packed away for storage, I decide d to convert my living room to a mini-library. I have 1 large bookshelf and 3 small bookshelves that I brought into my living room. I stacked 2 of the shelves on top of each other so they are the same height as the tall one. The other small one is in the middle. So now I have 1 wall designated as the library. My chaise is in a corner so it looks nice and cozy. As I carried box after box down the stairs, I realized that I don't need all theses books. The decluttering began. I went through them all. I managed to get 3 big boxes that I will be taking to the book store to sell. Whatever they don't want, I plan on donating to the library.

I will post pics as soon as I can.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


As you declutter your house, you will simplify your life.

As you simplify your life, you will live more mindfully.

As you live mindfully, you will need less.

As you need less, you will consume less.

As you consume less, you will pollute less, and over the course your life, you leave a much shallower footprint on the Earth.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores can be the bane of all clutter junkies. You go there and see a ton of stuff (most,of which,you do not need). You buy said junk and take it home to your already cluttered home. With no where to put the items, they go into a pile in your living room or a corner in your bedroom. Sometimes they gt put into a box "to deal with later on". Later on never comes and they just sit there, getting old and collecting dust. Not to mention taking up valuable space.

There are certain rules that I follow when going to a thrift store.

*Only go there if you actually NEED something
*Go there with a list of specific things you are looking for and only buy from that list
*If you bring 1 item home that you already own, get rid of the other
*Just because it's on sale doesn't mean that you need it

*wooden hangers
*wicker laundry basket
*Asian bed set
*wicker basket for toys
*mini crock-pot (I freecycled the big one)
*glass snack tray/cup for DS
*set of cloth napkins
*2 Pyrex casserole dishes with GLASS lids

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The July Challenge

My challenge for July is my kitchen/dining area. There isn't too much that needs to be done in here since I decluttered some in February.

*Organize cabinets better
*Clean out bill paying desk
*Declutter appliances, dishes and utensils
*Organize shelves
*Declutter most, if not all, the plastic items
*Clean the refridgerator and freezer

My rewards
*Nice glass food storage containers (per budget)
*Organizers for the shelves
*Nice tablecloth and cloth napkins

My June challenge success!!

My June challenge to work on my bedroom was a success. All of my sons things are now put away neatly in his room. The clothing has been sorted and put where it needs to go. We managed to freecycle 3 HUGE bags of clothes. All the wintery type clothes and items that I was having a hard time with have been put into a small bin in the back of my closet. All items have been hanged up.

That big, blue piece of furniture will be staying in the room. I've decided to use it for school/sewing. It folds up nicely and isn't in the way.

Since I accomplished my goal, I will be getting my determined rewards sometime in July.

Walking into my room

My side of the bed

My side of the closet

His side of the closet